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Rural Development

Lasting change goes beyond the present to promise a brighter future. See the multiplying effect of our programmes on communities.

Insure Lives and Rural Development ILRD

  • ARKA’s Insure Lives and Rural Development (ILRD) project aims to facilitate insurance services to the disadvantageous communities and districts of Jharkhand.

  • The project is a coalition of private for-profit and non-profit partnerships to help communities to access formal insurance services in the form of micro insurance. The project helps the market deliver services appropriate to the needs of low income households specifically pertaining to the risks threatening their lives and rural development. ILAL works with women, men and broader community groups and institutional structures.

Rural Development Improvement for Economic Security

  • The goal of this project is to improve the productivity and incomes of tribal households involved in cultivation.

  • While the entire family will benefit from the project, ARKA will focus on working with women – not only because they are disproportionately affected by poverty, but also because they can serve as powerful agents of change in their families and communities when equipped with the right tools and resources.

Banking on Change

  • ARKA believes that the long-term viability and sustainability of Self-Help Group (SHG) methodology depends on developing SHG Federations which can function as effective financial and non-financial intermediaries.

  • An overarching principle for this project will be to ensure sustainability (institutional, operational and financial) and effective delivery of financial services to poor households by working at all levels in the savings-led SHG methodology – SHGs, SHG Federations and the Promoting NGO Micro finance institutions (MFIs).

  • ARKA is partnering with multiple NGO MFIs and providing grant and technical support to strengthen governance, management and service delivery thereby enabling them to take up active financial intermediation accessing external funds to offer customized financial services in a sustained manner to poor.

Promoting Animal Health in Jharkhand

  • Small ruminants, especially goats, are critical assets for poor farmers and landless communities in the remote parts of Jharkhand. Income from goats could be small but it is very crucial asset to support the fragile and unsteady financial portfolio of small farmers.

  • There is considerable gap and mismatch between the demand and supply of animal health and technical services if terms of reach, quality, timing and appropriateness. This stifles the ability of these communities, especially women, to enhance their income from this activity and manage the risks and associated losses.

  • This project works at both demand and supply sides to bridge the prevalent gap. Working with the women smallholders, it organizes them into collectives, promotes awareness on goat management and health care, generates demand for animal health services and creates appropriate support service linkages.

ARKA collaborates with government departments to increase the scale, accessibility and sustainability of  programmes and services


ARKA strives to overcome discriminatory practices that prevent children from accessing and completing their education


ARKA's rural development programmes enable marginalised communities to access greater economic opportunity


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